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From clear and thoughtful explanation of the selling processes (did I mention my background as a credentialed teacher?) to detailed planning and communication from an agent who was a former project manager at Qualcomm (that’s me), This may be the biggest purchase of your life. You deserve exceptional service!


Narrated Neighborhood Video Tours

Clients can’t stop raving about these. In less than 5 minutes they can get a feel for an entire neighborhood area and know what it feels like, how old is it, how do the schools and parks look. What does the shopping center look like? These are videos you wished someone would take the time to make for you. Before you get sidetracked with specific houses you need to know the areas to target. These videos make it ridiculously simple.

Color Maps of Neighborhoods

Once you’ve identified which areas of San Diego may work for you we dig into the details of specific areas to target that meet your price point and preferences. Each map may have 70+ communities on it and we can help you to quickly narrow in on what areas to target to make efficient use of your time and not chase homes in areas that won’t ultimately be a fit for you.

Local Market Insight

My monthly market videos are informative and engaging. I give you both the numbers and a boots on the ground feel for what I am seeing in the market. If homes are seeing 15 offers and selling for 10% over asking price you’ll know. You’ll also get a view of critical market statistics so you know how quickly to act and how to position your offer.

Free Home Inspection

If you haven’t heard yet all of my services are free to you. Yes Crazy I know but the seller pays for my fees. But there is more, I pay for the home inspection for the house that you purchase. It’s generally at least a $500 value and you can choose and inspector you like.

Tours For Out of Town Buyers

Whether you live in another city or are just away on a weekend when a great property comes to the market, you’ll feel like you are on site with a live Facetime walkthrough of the property of interest and a live drone tour of the neighborhood. We’ll be chatting every step of the way to make sure you get to see every aspect of the property.

Realtor Choice for Smart Buyers

You’re a smart buyer who wants to know what’s going on with your transaction and see that it goes smoothly – I speak your language and provide you with a detailed guide of the process and manage your experience down to a “T”. with two MBA’s and a Bachelors in Math and Economics I come from a world where fluffy answers don’t fly. Doctors, engineers, financial planners, lawyers, accountants and other smart people shouldn’t have to throw away their high expectations when working with a realtor. And in case you are wondering you get to work with me directly. No Hand-offs to assistants.

Buyer Problems That We Solve

We take care of the hard questions that may present themselves when you are tying to buy a new home

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