See Why Smart Buyers Choose Bradley
As a buyer, you have questions and concerns about purchasing a home. We’ve been through the process and have solutions to the questions on your mind.
Did you know that hiring an agent to help you buy a house can cost you nothing? (that's right, the seller pays) It's the best deal you will ever find. Here are some reasons why buyers choose to go with me rather than search alone.


Go It Alone

Bounce from one shiny listing to the next usually to late and not knowing about the surrounding neighborhoods, schools, traffic patterns or resale value

Buying With Me

A curated shopping experience targeting just the homes that fit your preferences in neighborhoods you already know are a fit


Go It Alone

Spend hundreds of hours chasing dead end homes

Buying With Me

A thoughtful house finding process only investing your time in houses that meet your needs


Go It Alone

Try to guess what is happening behind the scenes’ in the real estate market and miss opportunities as you learn.

Buying With Me

Work with an agent who knows and specializes in the local market conditions and shows you the school districts to target and desirable neighborhoods


Go It Alone

Try to guess the details of contracts, appraisals contingencies and the counteroffer process while under pressure to buy

Buying With Me

Have a local expert on your side who knows the game and will negotiate for you AND educate you on the process and strategy along the way

Problems Solved

You need to figure out where to live

I fly you over North County neighborhoods to give you a bird's-eye preview.

You’re trying to buy from out of town

I fly my drone over neighborhoods for you and do FaceTime walkthrough tours of the homes you like

You need to know what’s happening in the local market

I give you an in-depth local market analysis of what’s happening locally

You want direct access to the owner of the company

You got it. Call and text me directly, no hand-offs or call centers.

You want to know what schools and districts to target

 I am a credentialed math teacher with kids in North County schools and awesome school videos

You need to figure out which housing tracts to target

I provide you with color coded maps and highlight neighborhoods in your price range

You want to be sure your next home is structurally sound

I have an intimate knowledge of house systems and repairs from my work rebuilt apartment buildings from foundation to roof.

You’re a smart buyer who want to know what’s going on with your transaction

I speak your language and provide you with a detailed guide of the process and manage your experience every step of the way

You need to know how much you can afford

We will look at your finances and come up with a custom plan for you and your shopping experience

You want your offer accepted in a competitive market with cash buyers

We'll, modify your appraisal contingency to compete with cash buyers

You want to protect your $30,000 earnest money deposit

We will protect your earnest money through the strategic use of contingencies

You want to know the details and ensure your transaction goes smoothly

I provide you with a library of specific videos and information packets so that you will always know the next step

You are trying to buy and sell at the same time

I can connect you to a lending program designed for you to buy first and sell afterword

You need help navigating hundreds of pages of disclosures

I guide you through the entire disclosure process

Learn to Buy Like a Pro


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