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What happens when a UC Graduate with two MBA’s and a passion for customer service becomes a realtor? You get a tailored selling experience with attention to detail and professionalism that will knock-your socks-off. Your house sale is important to you. You deserve to have an expert personally dedicated and responsible for getting you the best price and terms while also being personally available for you.

Seller Problems That We Solve

We take care of the hard questions that may present themselves when you are tying to sell a new home

Luxury Drone Videography

We’ll capture more than just bright and immaculate video of you house your buyer will see cinematographic images that capture their heart and emotions. In addition compelling footage of the surrounding area will place your house on a whole new level. This video will be the first buyers see as part of the multiple listing service system. These videos can not have an agent in them.

Narrated Video

Technically this is the second of three videos your buyers will see. This video speaks to the buyer literally and personally telling them about the benefits of your area and includes the Luxury Drone Video within the piece. The first video pulls on emotional strings, this video tells and shows them about special features they may have overlooked
Seller 3 Redo - 3D Tour

3D Home Tour

The buyer has fallen in love with the property but is buying from out of state. They would love to see how rooms attach and if the ceilings are vaulted and if the closet doors have mirrors. This is an immersive tour that allows the buyer to explore nearly every inch of the property so they can follow their heart with their head erasing all doubt leaving the buyer confident in making an aggressive offer.

Professional Photography

Believe it or not you are looking at 6 images digitally combined to make one perfect image. Each is exposed differently to optimize the different parts of the image and combined to bring together the optimum photo that you could never get even in the best of lighting.

Your House on
a Talk Show

Any buyer who sees your house on a talk who will know that they are not the only one interested in writing an offer. None would dream of trying to bargain with you, on the contrary they will expect to compete with others and assume other buyers will be putting their best foot forward as well netting you a higher price, quick close and great terms.

Pulled together on a Property Website

To make sure your buyer sees all of your marketing in one place all of these marketing tools are brought together to make an unmistakable statement. THIS HOME IS HOT! A QR Code on the listing and flyers make it exceedingly easy to recognize this. It works so well that buyers will assume there are others making offers without having to be told whether or not that is the case.

Plus laptop device
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