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As a seller, you have questions and concerns about selling your home. We’ve been through the process and have solutions to the questions on your mind
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Did you know that hiring an agent puts more money in your pocket? Motivated buyers simply pay way more than the cost to hire a realtor. Plus, half of the cost goes to paying for your buyers' agent, making it even more important that you have an agent to represent you

Your House

Go It Alone

Sell your home unprofessionally and attract a few buyers, mostly investors, who do not compete to raise your sales price.

Buying With Me

A strategic marketing plan designed to bring in multiple buyers and have them compete for your house to raise the price, sweeten the terms and get your money faster.


Go It Alone

Spend dozens of hours trying to find, schedule and coordinate contractors and stagers.

Buying With Me

A thoughtfully coordinated house preparation with you in the driver’s seat on costs and contractor approval.

Your House

Go It Alone

Set the price too high and loose competition, or too low and leave money on the table.

Buying With Me

Set a marketing price based on the market, comparable properties and a strategy to drive up buyers to the highest price.

Negotiation Experience

Go It Alone

Try to guess the details of contracts, appraisal contingencies and the counteroffer process while under pressure to sell.

Buying With Me

Have an expert negotiator on your side who knows how to leverage your situation to increase your price by tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars more.


Go It Alone

Risk your buyers falling out of escrow, leaving you with an old and less desirable listing to sell.

Buying With Me

Have an expert carefully vet buyers, their lenders, agents and contract terms before accepting an offer, then hold the buyer to their timelines for a smooth sale.

Problems Solved

You want peace of mind

I am accountable for the entire job of selling your house, quickly, profitably, and smoothly. No details left unresolved.

You need guidance on home preparation

We will make a plan to improve, repair, paint, and stage to increase the sales price.

You want to buy and sell at the same time

I can connect you to a lending program designed for you to buy first and sell afterword

You want to be legally protected from your sale

I guide you through the entire disclosure and inspection process

You want guidance pricing your home

I keep you informed of market demand and prices of comparable properties, as well as strategic pricing guides

You want to get the highest price

Our comprehensive marketing plan, strategic pricing, intentional improvements and expert negotiations will deliver you the best price and terms

You want to understand the selling process at a high level and in detail along the way

I provide you with a library of specific videos and information packets so that you always know the next steps

You need contractors to scheduled and managed

I coordinate preparations including landscaping, cleaning, decluttering, termite inspection, repairs, painting, staging and storage

You want direct access to the owner of the company

I work with you directly, no hand-offs or call centers

You want to time your sale with your life events and figure out where to go next

I provide transition planning, including finding your new home

See How My Experience
Benefits Your Sale

You want buyers to salivate over your house – I provide amazing marketing that gets buyers to open their wallets. You want the highest price, best terms, and quickest sale – I architect the sale to happen that way for you. You want full service – I provide professional staging, strategic fix-ups, free seller’s home warranty and direct consulting. You want to know what buyers are paying – I provide local market insider reports and model match searches.

If you want a smooth, quick and profitable sale we are a perfect match.

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