Coastal Suburb

Carlsbad is the quinicential north county coastal suburb for families. It is huge with 250 neighborhoods to choose from and best broken up into two maps. Carlsbad North and South. Most of Carlsbad lies east of Hwy 5 where the pace of life is less frantic than the coastal strip. It has a huge selection of post 2000 built homes and a big section of schools.

The one catch for the area is the commute north and south up highway 5 to and from job centers can be a traffic challenge. But for those who can navigate that challenge Carlsbad offers quiet beaches and a departure from busier coastal areas to the south. Check out the aerial tour.

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Area Highlights

Families have found Carmel Valley an ideal place to raise their children because of the excellent nearby schools. People love the short drives to a variety of restaurants, shopping and senior facilities. There is truly a perfect home for you in Carmel Valley.

Public Parks